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Princess Nails Jerusalem Review

Princess Nails

Location City centre Jerusalem

Service: Manicure gel, 110 nis.

Princess Spa is a very nice and cosy place. It’s a proper spa with rooms, a clean areas for feet and hands. Sarah is the manager and she is super professional and very perfectionist, she puts all her attention to detail. However because of this, she was very slow and it took over 2 hours to finish a manicure... Although moderately happy with the result, it was well done. I’m not sure that this is the place for complicated designs or nail art, she seems to take a lot of time to do it. However simple and easy deigns are the place to go. Sarah was very professional and does her job well, but I told her not to do my cuticles, since I’m very sensitive, she told me people make you bleed when they don’t know how to take care of the nail, I asked her not to but she insisted. And I bleed. She didn’t say anything after that haha. She was also a little bit rough and when she took off my gel from the previous place, my nail was throbbing, so she had gone a bit too far.


Pros: Professional, perfectionist, nice environment.

Cons: Very long and slow service, made me bleed, Not great for complicated nail art.

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