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Nail Technician in Jerusalem

Location: Arnona, Jerusalem

Service: Manicure gel, 110nis. ($$)

Elaine’s Place is very welcoming and open. She offers all sorts of nail services, waxing and microblading. I went to Elaine for a gel manicure. I paid 110nis for the service. I understood that Elaine knew what she was doing right away. She takes it a step up from your usual classic manicure by knowing how to do very specific designs and nail art, so if you want to do a fancy design or drawing, she will definitely know how, she is an artist by training. Her place is somewhat clean, although I’m not too sure I would do a pedicure there. It could be cleaner. The machine to do my nails in a gradient fashion broke down during the appointment but Elaine dealt with it pretty well. Elaine was a bit rough, and she made me bleed (so if you are sensitive please tell her).

The nail was a bit thick towards the end (since she forgot to do a layer I had asked and added it) but overall she did a good job.


Pros: Agreeable company, good service, great designs.

Cons: A bit rough, far from the city centre, not a salon, cleanliness level 70%

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