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Good Pool. Horrid "Facial".

The David Citadel Hotel AKASHA Spa.

Location: Jerusalem close to Mamilla

Price Point: 400 NIS + for facial and spa access

There is a LOT to say here. Let’s start with the good things. There is a pool, a gym, a wet sauna and dry sauna for both men and women. It’s clean, it’s small yet cozy and rather decent. There are no complaints on that front. However, this is the tricky part.

I ordered a facial for

over 400 NIS. When I got there they got my treatment order wrong and asked the masseuse to come in. After 10 min of arguing to get my treatment right, they agree to give me a facial. The masseuse comes in with cold water, no tools, no lights and no extraction tools. Now, let me tell you, I’ve done many facials in Canada and my aunt is an aesthetician to celebrities in one of the biggest spas in L.A (Burke Williams). She taught me everything there is to know about facials. There was no steaming whatsoever, no extraction of blackheads or pores. No cleaning. There was a mask, a foot massage (though my sister had a different horrible experience altogether including what felt like dry paper being tapped on her face and no foot massage) and 35 min of rubbing and massaging cheap cream on my face. The masseuse was very nice and it was honestly not her fault but this was not a facial. My face comes out drier and dirtier than before and I’m pretty sure I will break out tomorrow. The worst part was that once I tried to speak to the receptionist about our misunderstanding, she essentially threatened to increase the price “if I complained". Completely inappropriate behaviour. Whatever you do, do not go there for facials go for either the pool or try the massages (I'm sure they are much better). But 400 NIS to get your face patted for 45 minutes is in my opinion, an embarrassment for what is meant to be a prestigious hotel in Israel.

Cleanliness : 7/10

Service 3/10

Overall: 5/10

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