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A historical Gem: The Israel Museum

Price Point: 54 Nis entrance (Discounts for students, elders and children, free for soldiers)

The Israel Museum is an incredible museum and it is huge, so make sure to go early and spend the whole day. It’s a very well-known and renewed museum and it has many sections of ancient Egypt, Greece, Islamic Art, classical Art, and lots of Jewish Art and Jewish history. One of the best places to go to is the miniature reconstruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem and the old city. It’s very impressive.

Then take a walk to the Dead Sea scroll Exhibition in the massive building that is in the shape of a Sefer Torah. It’s a beautiful building and a feature of architecture. Inside you also have some information about the famous Aleppo Codex.

Then take a walk inside the museum itself where you will walk though ancient history mixed with Jewish Art. My favourite section is the Jewish History and diversity section section where you will find 4 synagogues from around the world reconstructed perfectly, Sefer torahs from all countries around the world (Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Eastern Europe, etc.) and traditional dress of Jews from around the world. It is a must see.

You also have a few cafe spots that are nice (but expensive!) and the gift shop is great but again (expensive)

Special Exhibit: Back to Aleppo

I absolutely LOVED this exhibition. It’s incredible and I absolutely recommend it. In this exhibition, visitors a travel through time on a virtual-reality tour of the ancient synagogue of Aleppo, built between the fifth and seventh centuries CE. This was the oldest synagogue where Jewish prayer continued uninterrupted until the late twentieth century.

The display uses new VR technology, reconstructs the synagogue’s appearance at the height of its glory, in November 1947, a few days before the U.N. resolution to establish the State of Israel and the ensuing riots that brought about the synagogue’s destruction. There are two options in the virtual reality: Sarah’s story, and a Guided tour. Pick Sarah’s Story.

All in all- It’s a must see if you want to understand Jewish art and Ancient Israel.

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