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Stranded in Afula? Samurai Sushi is For You.

Samurai Sushi Bar

Location: Afula Center

Price Point: $$

Kosher: Yes

Vegan and Gluten free options: Yes

If you ever find yourself stranded or passing through the Northern city of Afula, I’ve got you covered for one of the best sushi restaurants I’ve been too. Samurai Sushi Bar is incredible. The sushi is very fresh and the flavour combinations are incredible. The staff is incredibly sweet and caring and the decoration of the restaurant is impeccable. My favourite sushi combination was the beat combo, but you can also order a boat of sushi if you are a lot of people for a higher price. I also ordered the chicken BAO, which were very fresh and not dry. Nothing to say except this place was amazing and I recommend 100%. As always sushi is expensive in Israel and this place is no exception but I would go back.

Atmosphere: 9.5/10

Service: 10/10

Food: 9/10

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