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Fancy in the Shuck: Jacko Street.

Jacko Street

Location: Agripas, Jerusalem

Price Point: $$$

Kosher: Yes

Vegan and Gluten-free options: Yes

Jacko Street is a small and hidden away restaurant on Agripas. It doubles as both Jacko Street and Jacko Son (on the bar with sushi). Please note: this is an expensive restaurant. It is quite high-end and meals will start at 70 shekels. So I recommend only going for special occasions, birthdays or anniversaries. However with a heavy price comes heavy expectations. And must say, those expectations were attained and went well beyond. The full fish you see in the photo (one of their only fish options) was one of the best fishes in my life. It was fresh and tender. It was also super filling (we were three people!) The Assado bruschetta was very tasty too, it’s an entree, but worth tasting if you love meat. Lastly, the bread with sauces was also great, regular, not so special but fresh and that’s the most important. I recommend sharing a meal and getting the fish if you want to have your money’s worth

All in all if you want to splurge, or show a friend the culinary high-end cuisine of Jerusalem, it’s worth it to try out Jacko’s street.

Atmosphere: 8/10

Service: 910

Food: 9.5/10

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