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Willing to Splurge on Sushi? Urans.


Location: City Center Jerusalem

Price Point: $$$

Kosher: Yes

Vegan and Gluten free options: Unsure

Urans is an interesting restaurant. It feels though it is meant to be in a different location since it brands itself has a very high class sushi restaurant with a chef. However it is located off Jaffo in a small street where there is a lot of street food and isn't necessarily a nice environment. I ordered the sushi and the BÂO buns (both Salmon and Chicken) the sushi was some of the best I've had in Jerusalem. They're made uniquely, by someone who knows what they're doing, they have great flavour and great combinations.

The Salmon BÂO, I do not enjoy. The flavours were off and it didn't taste authentic. However the Chicken option was very tasty and fresh. The biggest aspect of this restaurant is that it is extremely expensive for the portions that you receive. The sushi is cut really small and you leave the table hungry. I have been twice and both times, I’ve left hungry both times. I am not one to cheapen out on food, yet if I pay a high price I expect my portion to satisfy me. This is why I mentioned before but this restaurant was meant to be in a hotel or a rooftop: if I am paying this price I expect it to be in a better atmosphere.

Overall Urans is an excellent place for good sushi and if you don’t mind paying a lot for a little bit then this place is for you. My advice: there are better restaurants in better locations that can satisfy your craving & go to Urans when you are not starving.

Atmosphere: 3/10

Service: 5/10 (long wait times)

Food: 9/10

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