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Nail Queen Express: True to its name.

Nail Queen Express

Location City centre Jerusalem

Service: Manicure gel, 110 nis. I payed 120 for French.

Nail Queen Express is a big salon off of Jaffo that specializes in all things aesthetics. The secretary (Sarah) was particularly sweet and the nail artists are also agreeable. In general this is a good place, the work is done fast and well. I didn’t give them a hard design, although I tried to show her one and she didn’t seem to know how to do it. However, I cannot speak on this since I ending up going with a different design. The nail artist knew what she was doing and did a professional job, there was no pain and not discomfort.

Nevertheless, one really alarming thing for me was the cleanliness. Unfortunately this is a malpractice in Israel, but I have noticed that most places do NOT sterilize their utensils in between patients. Unfortunately this place is the same (at least for manicure not sure about pedicure) so when you go please ask them to do so. The nail filers were not cleaned, nor was the cuticle cutter (which is very dangerous because it can draw blood). The tables and chairs and all around cleanliness was lacking, I’m not sure they do a wipe down at the end of every day. Another aspect I found weird was the nail drying machine: it burned my nails like crazy. I’ve been doing nails since I was 17 and I have never had it burn this much. I don't know if it's due to the quality of the nail polish or the nail drying machine so when you go just be aware of that if you are sensitive.

Overall, if you are looking for good simple work, then the place is for you but if have very high standards, I would recommend a different place.


Pros: Professional, fair pricing, fast.

Cons: Not very clean and super busy.

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